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Daily Assurance for Independent Seniors

WellCheck Now is an automated daily check-in service for seniors who want to maintain an ind´╗┐ependent lifestyle while giving others peace of mind that all is well.

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WellCheck Now will call or text you at the same time every day. Once you complete your check-in, you are all set. Your family, friends and caretakers will know you are okay!

Do You Live Alone?

Living alone can provide a sense of independence and personal freedom. Yet for many people, it is often accompanied by concerns such as falls, medical emergencies and feelings of loneliness.

Do You Care For A Senior Who Lives Alone?

Family members, friends, or care providers of seniors who live alone, often worry about their loved ones and struggle to find a balance between providing support while also preserving their independence.

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WellCheck Now is an automated way for you to get daily assurance and peace of mind your loved one is ok, and will connect you in moments that matter most.

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  • Easy-To-Use
  • No Equipment Needed
  • Non-Invasive Technology
  • Member Portal With Shared Access